Monday, January 9, 2017

Sexuary 2017

Ok, it's 24 days till Sexuary 2017. Anyone else thinking/doing anything?

Jackie and I have just finished up our calendar. Of course there is plenty of kink involved (cause that's who we are), but we are actually trying something different this year. While the sex and kink will be several days a week (no 28 days straight this year but we are looking about 4 days a week), everyday, above and beyond the sex itself will be a 5 - 15 minutes of intimate touching.

For us that could be making out, it could be a short massage, it could be some intimate touching. maybe some licking or the like.  And timers will be set, not so much for a minimum, but for a maximum. Why? We want this to be as much of a tease and a time of excitement as it is about sex. We want to remember how excited we can make each other even when we know sex is not going to happen right then. We want to be thinking of the other person and that they still have 'that touch'. I expect there will be a few hickies during Sexuary. A horrid price to pay I know. hehehe Seriously, I know we try on days we know we are having sex, but we wanted to push that this Sexuary.

So anyone else got anything going?  Oh and the kink and sex?  I'm sure you'll be reading about our adventures if you follow this blog, the good, the bad and the orgasmic.


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