Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sexuary 2015 - Sexuary Play Time

We're only 5 days away from Sexuary 2015!!!

So this year Jackie and I have decided to focus a bit on toys.  So much so that we've started a Facebook group called Sexuary Play Time.  It's a closed group, but if you'd like to join us for this years Sexuary adventures please request to join and we'll add you.  Starting Sexuary 1st it will become a secret group and you'd miss out on all the fun conversations that we'll have.  All the articles we work on though will be posted on this blog for everyone to read.

What is Sexuary you ask? I'd have to refer you back to welcometomybrain.net and have you just pull a search of Sexuary.  You'll be amazed at the openness of Christine and her embracing sex as a part of her life and marriage.  So Jackie and I dove in.  First year trying to just have sex for 7 straight days..then every other day...then we went the great year of 2013 (that started this blog) and had a different kink for 28 straight days!  Last year because of family health issues we had to slack off, but this year it's back on!

But Sexuary isn't about how many days in a row, it's about connecting with your partner.  It's about communication.  It's about opening up to new ideas and trying them.  It's about exceeding the ordinary.  To some of you that would mean you'll have sex in Sexuary. Yeap, even once would be a struggle.  For some of you, it would mean you too will try to hit 28 straight days (or 31 if you want to try for a REAL month).  It's about getting out of your comfort zone and seeing that there is more out there then what you have.  We've decided to pick sex toys as the way to do those things this year.

Again, Jackie and I have decided to focus on 'add-ons' this year.  You know those things that take good and make them great.  Those OMG did we really just do THAT?  We'll let you know what we've found out about sex toys and with any luck get some great feedback on what you the readers have learned about sex toys.  Ever gotten one home that looked great in the package only to find out it's a dud?  We'll tell you what we do to prevent that. We'll talk about caring for them.  We'll talk about the different types of toys we have and have had (oh the THOUSANDS of dollars we've spent on sex toys is pretty amazing).  We'll also talk about some very inexpensive, or things around your house, things that you can use in the bedroom to make a session better.  So it's something we have a passion for and wanted to share this year.

So we hope to see you on Facebook, if not check back here regularly throughout Sexuary for updates....just 5 days and counting!!!


PS..This is Jackie...come on Sexuary...I just can't wait to see whats in store..

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