Monday, July 8, 2013

Neked Weekend

So part of Sexuary is making time for your partner.  It's been a struggle for Jackie and I lately.  Oh don't get me wrong we've made time to be intimate and a some time to ourselves, but we haven't really had that extra time alone where we can communicate...catch up...share without disruption...just take a nap together.

So against all odds, with work piles a mile high, we made plans to get away for a weekend and hide from the world.  We have a little cottage we like to visit.  It's secluded, it's private, it has a jacuzzi on the enclosed back porch, and it's 1/2 a mile from a great little Texas town we love to visit.

Friday - Monday we lived in a little heaven on Earth.  Every day we'd get dressed for about 2 - 3 hours and go to town, eat a meal or two...went wine tasting picking up many bottles of wine we enjoy...picked up $100 worth of hand made specialty chocolates that Jackie loves....and that's it! Nothing more.  Ok, we did consider going to a play, but since it was sold out all weekend we didn't.

The rest of the weekend?  We were neked.  We read.  We ******.  We hopped in the jacuzzi.  We slept.  We ****** some more.. We hopped in the jacuzzi.  We ate.  We hopped in the jacuzzi.  We read some more.  We hopped in the jacuzzi.  We ****** some more.  We hopped in the jacuzzi.  We slept.  We woke up and started all over again. Neked the entire time except for the couple of hours we went to town.

It was exactly the kind of weekend we needed!!!  We had no kids.  No troubles.  No worries.  No stress.  No anything we didn't want.

We talked about anything and everything.

We caught up with each other.

We relaxed and caught up on physical rest we both needed badly.

We made time for each other.

Look, Sexuary is about getting with your partner in a finite period of the month and make extra special efforts to communicate with your partner, and hopefully the sexual aspect will improve accordingly.  But if you wait till 2/1/2014 to make the extra effort then your relationship is not going to grow and blossom.  Jackie and I hated that we waited as long as we did, but before we let it get to a point it would effect our marriage we made something happen.

You don't have to go to the extreme of a 4 day neked weekend, but do something, especially if it's been a while.  Figure out a day to head off by yourselves.  Take a walk in the woods.  Plan a picnic.  Go out to a lake for the day.  But do something that the 2 of you can do and you can get close and be together.  Ever booked a hotel room in your own town?  We have, just to get away for a night in someplace different for us.  Plan a day of events (shopping, movie, lunch and dinner, walk though the mall - together). Doesn't have to cost a fortune, does have to be personal where your partner is #1, not the TV, not the cell phone, not Facebook, not your email!

Make today another Sexuary day!


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