Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Getting in the Way

Geez, the best laid plans of mice and men just sometimes don't work out.  Life gets in the way.  It use to be worst when we didn't make intimacy a priority in our marriage. Then any excuse that came up would interfere with us becoming intimate.  Now it takes pretty major happenings to distract us from our planned Sexuary activities, even if it's a mini-Sexuary activity.  But yesterday, on the kick off day for this mini-Sexuary it happened, LIFE got in the way. UGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

One of the ideas of this mini-Sexuary was to take the last 2 weeks before the kids got out of school.  Sex is definitely less inhibited, a bit longer, and with a lot more energy when we can get together in the morning after the kids are at school, and we are blessed with the fact that our work allows us that opportunity most of the time.  Not yesterday.  Dang it! From about 10 seconds after the kids were gone the phone was ringing with one emergency or another.  And that went on all day long.  We barely got lunch together which is highly unusual.

I read on Christine Moers blog welcometomybrain.net where there are all kinds of "the kids take so much out of me", "we are just to busy", "I'm so tired after .....", "our schedules just don't make time" and I cringe and feel sorry for those couples.  Oh don't get me wrong, I've been there.  I made all those excuses at one time and I excepted them from my ex.  Not that was the only reason she is my ex, but that IS a part of the problem.  Jackie and I have made sure the 'excuses' aren't confused with the reasons.  When your priority is to make time with your spouse, and spouse alone, and to be intimate with them to strengthen your relationship, it will happen.  But it must be a priority or it is to easily pushed to the dark closet that will haunt a relationship every time the closet door is opened. 

So back to mini-Sexuary - our original plans just weren't going to happen.  When I got in bed I kind of expect a 'normal' sex night. But Jackie had other plans and made up for a messed up day with a fantastic blow job when I finally plopped into bed. Not an 'ok' or 'average' blowjob.  Not a "I'm warming you up for before we get going".  But one of those really special, all out OMG here I cum blowjobs.

You know, one of the things I've figured out is that when it comes to oral is different people like different things. Heck with Jackie what works today won't necessarily work tomorrow.  But I generally can read her breathing and moans to try to find the right spot, and I know Jackie does the same with me. 

I know a lot of guys like their head given a lot of attention, me, I like that ridge along the bottom side towards the base sucked on.  I also love the noises made. Slurps, gurgles, even the occasional gag all turn me on and send me over the top.  But I guess what I was really getting at was I've let Jackie know that's what I really like, and she's listened.  And I know it takes a lot to get me off with just a blowjob, so when Jackie goes all out like she did last night I love and appreciate her efforts!  Jackie is the only woman who has been able to really get me off orally. Only once in my life prior to Jackie was I ever able to finish by just oral. And while it's not an every day occurrence, when Jackie sets her mind to it, I know I'm in for a fantastic blow job and that she will finish the job! Oh my! *where is that cigarette?*

Don't get me wrong, I love when she uses oral for foreplay too, just to get me ready for the 'main event' but there is something special when she takes that to the next level like she did last night....and "LIFE" can kiss my ass, nothing is going to get in the way of this mini-Sexuary!!!


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