Thursday, February 3, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Jackie tops - Day 2

 Sexuary 2022 day 2 started off with an email from me - 

I love that even in your submissiveness, you will be a servant sub on days like today.  I LOVE days like today, and my ass can’t wait to be yours tonight. - 143

During the day Jackie sent me a couple of pictures, and while one didn't turn out like she wanted, it was still great to get a couple of pictures from her.  Something for me to drool over as the day went by. 

A couple of text through out the day about the excitement of what was to come without revealing anything, but encouraging the excitement and fun throughout the day.  

When work was done, she sent me to clean out my ass and get ready.  I did as I was told and thoroughly cleaned my ass out.  I then climbed into the bed and let her know my ass was ready. 

She ran her nails up and down my back, dragging them down and leaving good red streaks down my back.  They hurt soooo good!

She then came and took my ass with her fist.  Pushing as much as she could deep in my ass and feeling  my ass stretch nice and wide.  Again the pain was exciting and to say my cock got hard would be an understatement.  I kept stroking it hard while she worked my ass over and over.  

When she was done, she put a favorite vibrator in my ass and blew it up and turned the vibrator on high while she kept leaning into me, pushing it deeper and deeper.  

When I finally blew inside her, she set a new rule for the month, "that's the last time on your days (Wednesdays) that you can blow in my pussy.  You have to find some place else every other week."  She had offered to let me cum anywhere I wanted, but at the time I was ready to blow in her pussy and didn't want to open her ass for that short of a period...I'm ready to bury deep in her ass, and don't want hurt her for some 2 second job.  That day will come though! 

So I'm looking forward to next Wednesday when Jackie is in charge again, and what she has in store!

Ok so as a reminder Sexuary is been our annual exploration of sex between the 2 of us.  The original challenge was to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING different in the month of Sexuary that you normally wouldn't do.  For some that's have sex this month...or hold your partner even.  Some that try something different, sex in the kitchen, 2x in a day, we did 28 days straight, but do SOMETHING that you don't normally do.  It's your chance to break the endless cycle of sameness a relationship can easily slip into.  If you want to ask us about things, ask us here, or or DaneandJackie on Fetlife. We respond to eveyone, though it might take us a few to get back to you. 

Happy Sexuary 2022


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