Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Nothing Special - Day 10

I know you have your meeting tonight….but when you come home you’re all mine….and ohhhh I’m looking forward to tonight. I’m ready to watch you squirm some – 143

 When every day for a while are 'special' days of sex, your every day, eat her out and fuck her hard becomes a bit special.  Today that's all we did. Nothing special but a great night of sex.  I still love it.  I love teasing Jackie though out the day reminding her that I am always looking forward to sex with her. 

Admittedly if I had my way we'd have sex about every other day...but I get it at least every 3rd day, so I know I'm much luckier than 99% of the men I know.  

Jackie was about an hour and half late from her meeting.  A friend needed to talk and by the time Jackie got home it was 930 almost 10, not my best hour for performances.  I did get Jackie to squirm and cream and then fucked her, but it was very late and I was starting to get frustrated and never got to finish.  It happens.  As much as I wish I had an 18 year old cock, it's much closer to 60 and that night things just didn't finish for me.  So a deep breath and we'll try again tomorrow.  


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