Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Positions - Day 8

 Sexuary 2022 - Day 8

Thank you for always believing in me. I know there are many times you don’t know what I’m up to, but you always believe I’ll take care of it.  -143

Please remember to send me a (or more) sexy pictures of you today….also that 1 day during the month you’ll let me know before we play that today will be an ass day (I’ll move thing around after that day and have an empty space to fill at the end). 

Day 8 was full of things to get done, and so I scheduled a change of positions.  To try a couple of positions we either never have tried or only once or twice in 15+ years.  Let's face it, we all fall back on the 'regular' things that generally work and that's it.  For us there are about 3 positions we use about 95% of the time. The "T" posiiton, her bent over the bed, or her flipped over on the end of the bed. So to mix things up I wanted to try something different. 

 We tried where she was an "L" and I slid in her feet at my face, and ass at my crotch.  This position worked really good for us.  

 We then tried the reverse cowgirl.  Got to say didn't do much for either of us.  

Then the Cowgirl, and that did work well, but definitely wasn't going to finish me off.  

 We did something we don't normally do.  We changed our positions.   What about you? Doing anything different for this Sexuary?  You still have time!


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