Thursday, February 3, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - TENS/Wartenberg Wheel - Day 3

 Sexuary Day 3 started out with an email to Jackie - 

I love that, while not always, you know how to exude your sexiness.  Other women are envious of you and the attitude you carry when you are ‘in the zone’.  I love watching you when you realize you are as sexy as I see you all the time. - 143

Please remember to send me a (or more) sexy pictures of you today….also that 1 day during the month you’ll let me know before we play that today will be an ass day (I’ll move thing around after that day and have an empty space to fill at the end). 

Jackie DID send me several great pictures of her posing on the bed after her shower this morning.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE seeing pictures of Jackie in all sorts of dress and undress? It gets me hard and makes me want her every time I see these pictures and I love that she's agreed to 28 days of them (and I'm hoping there are a lot more in my future).  

After she took a long bath and smoked a little I took her too the back room blindfolded and put her on the bed.  Originally it wasn't my intention, but since there was a freshly shaven pussy I had to eat it up before anything else.  I love eating up a freshly shaved pussy.  

I then flipped Jackie over and bent her over the edge of the bed.  I put an electric pad on her thigh and then turned on the TENS unit.  I had purchased a new toy, a Wartenberg Wheel attached to the TENS unit.  It was fantastic.  She preferred it about a 5 (out of 15) but even at a 5 I could see her jump and her skin tighten up.  She came easily as I fingered her and then when I thought she was very ready I put the TENS unit down and finished us both up. 

Again the pleasure/pain things comes in.  Here some electricity and sharp objects come into play all at once, it's a great combination.  

It's only the 3rd day of Sexuary, and still plenty of time for you to do your 'something different with your significant other! Go for it!! And we'd love to hear your stories too!


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