Thursday, February 24, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Romantic Flames - Day 24

I hope I fan yours as much as you fan mine.  I am such a better man in so many ways because of you, you push me when I need, you let me glow bright when I’m glowing, and when I’m down to just embers you put another log and make it hot all over again.  – 143

 Tonight it just happened to be 30F all day today, and I happen to send this email to Jackie, not knowing exactly what I'd wind up doing but as the day went on I decided. I put wood in the fireplace knowing Jackie had to run some errands after work. While she was gone I lit the fire and had it ready for when she got back.  

While she went out to get high, I laid out a pallet of blankets in front of the fire place, grabbed the lube and put pillows on the floor and waited for her to come back in.  

When she came back in, we got naked and laid on the floor and we caressed each other for a bit before we made out. 

It was a gesture of romance.  Maybe not the grandest, but it was something different.  Sex on the living room floor.  Sex in front of a lit fire place.  Definitely NOT our 'normal' night in bed.  

It was simple, but it was something we both could enjoy.  Not over the top.  Something ANYONE could do.  But tonight we did it. 

Hope you've found something different to try this Sexuary!


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