Friday, February 8, 2019

Sexuary 2019 - New Positions

So when Jackie and I got together our size definitely limited some of the things we could and couldn't do.  Honestly we generally had sex in the same position or 2.  Oh the foreplay would be different, or 'where' might be different, but it could get a bit monotonous. It was 1 of the reasons that Sexuary was so important to us.  It got us out of our rut of the same ole ole.

And part of that was 69'ing was very difficult for us.  Well 150 lbs gone has definitely opened up some options for both of us.  And while giving oral isn't Jackies favorite, it ranks right up there with me.  Now the extra fun of 69'ing is keeping enough composure to keep going on your partner while they are trying to send you over the top.  The having your partner reach their orgasm while she's sucking you dry is just freaking awesome.

So this is our Sexuary....we try different things...we go back to things one or both of us enjoy but just rarely seem to slide into our routine.  For us 69 is one of those things.  I know, for some it's nothing.  for us it's out of the norm and a great time. So that's why it was our 2nd night of Sexuary.

What are you doing different this Sexuary? What 'out of the norm' thing is on your agenda? It doesn't have to be monstrosity of a move, something as simple as flipping around and doing a 69 might be all it take for this Sexuary. 


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