Monday, March 5, 2018

Sexuary 2018 - Being Tied Up

So life kind of got in the way of Sexuay 2018.  We'd gone through 4 months of family issues and weren't able to celebrate like we normally do.  But that doesn't mean we won't try to do something later this year for a couple of weeks or a month.  It also doesn't mean that we haven't had some fun in the mean time pushing limits again.

In the past I've done some light tying up and BDsm.  We've played with cuffs that Velcro to sheets, and Japanese ropes to tie her hands, but to give full trust like this is something new for Jackie.  This weekend Jackie gave me permission to go all out and no limits with the rope, something that has literally been 2 decades since I've had that opportunity and I wasted no time getting excited and start planning.  New rope was purchased and the blood was flowing. Jackie was very apprehensive.
When we started it was almost a bit comical.  My rope skills have definitely slacked over the years.  I couldn't get anything to stay tight.  After a couple of attempts though things started to tighten up and stay in place.  Her breast were tied tight with nipple clamps placed on her nipples. Then her arms were tied behind her back, all while on her knees and blind folded.  She was a beautiful site.  A trusting wife who went well beyond her boundaries and learned she had a new limit.
Ok, so my rope work still has lots to be desired, but you have to admit she is beautiful all tied up like this.  When we were finished we took a break, I rubbed her shoulder and we just relaxed.  I'll fill you in on more of our weekend adventure soon.  But what did it take?  I purchased some 3/16" rope that was nice and soft (100 ft) and a willing partner.  That's it. 
So I've heard it time and again about BDsm and its' many subcategories that's it's just about abuse.  While it could be without 2 loving, trusting people, it's far from it when done the right way. BDsm is about bringing 2 people closer.  The trust between 2 people to perform this type of act is incredible. The literally "giving of oneself" is giving everything can only brings you closer when done right.  The accepting that gift and taking on that responsibility opens up parts that just doesn't happen in ordinary sexual relationships.  It took a lot for Jackie to open up and allow me to tie her up like that.  But she's come a long way over the years where just tying up her her hands was a push for her.  Me? I'll have to make sure I didn't break that trust in any way. You have to know your partner and their deepest fears and joys.  In my case, I made sure her hands were the last to be tied making it easier on her.

From here? I've already remembered some of the things I didn't do right that would of made the ties better.  I will probably do a bit of research making sure that next time the comical side of our encounter doesn't happen again.  Also we talked about a couple of things that would make it more enjoyable for both of us.  We didn't get to 'celebrate Sexuary 2018', we definitely had a Sexuary type weekend (so yeah, more to come).  


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