Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sexuary 2017 - Recap

So while our Sexuary 2017 didn't exactly end the way we planned due to outside forces, it was still a fantastic Sexuary.  Why?  Well let me recap it and explain.

First, Jackie and I remembered that the best of sex doesn't start in the bedroom, but starts when you say "good morning love."  You know that time when you're cuddling a bit and rubbing your hands on each other to get the day started.  Maybe even a word of encouragement of how fantastic last night was or how much you're looking forward to tonight.  That's the best sex, the sex that has time to build up to a crescendo over the day till you can't hardly wait any more.

Second, we remembered that there are things teenagers know that somewhere along the way we have forgotten and I can't for the life of me figure out why we ever allowed ourselves to forget.  Jackie and I made out.  You know she sat in my lap and we kissed and I groped, she groped, and we kissed...I got hard, she got wet...we kissed and groped some more...oh yeah it was hot.  And we did this over and over again throughout Sexuary, and often times we knew there would be no sex afterwards and I still would do it again and again and again it was so hot.

According to this old adage we made it to each base several times over the month of Sexuary while making out.  We made it to first base almost every day and 2nd base was pretty regular too.  From there is just all depended, but regardless we were connected and it just made me desire Jackie even more during the day.  I really did have day dreams about spending time with her, and I honestly believe that's mainly because of the making out we did this month.

Third, sex should be more than just hot and heavy, it should be fun and adventurous.  We've known this forever.  Things like the dice we have we bought years ago for us to have fun during sex.  We've played other games over the years and blogged about it, like the football game that you get 1 minute of oral for every point your team scores that quarter, or by how much you're ahead.  I guess if we did baseball or soccer we could do 5 minutes per point, or come up with your own rules, but have fun with it.

We had a date night where there were remote control toys and car sex (oh my) involved.  We seriously just had fun with our sex and it's all things we use to do, or dream about doing as teenagers and somewhere along the line forgot to bring the fun into it.  I get it, life gets into the way and we have to make time for some of it to happen, especially when that happens shouldn't it be fun and not just a chore to have sex?  Oh and did you catch the date night part?  Yeap, we had it scheduled and somehow it got over scheduled, but we decided to cancel the other plans and go on our date.  How often do we as couples put ourselves last and the date night gets canceled?  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves the most important thing in our life is our partner and we have to make them the priority.  Together we can conquer the world, so let's make sure we stay strong in our relationship and make sure our partners know we make them a priority.

Last, and this is one of the things we strive for ever Sexuary, is we introduced new things to our bedroom.  New positions for us.  New games to play.  New toys.  New making out.  All of these things should follow us for the rest of the year, but for us Sexuary is that time where we go out of our way to make it special and be open to new and sometimes 'strange' ideas.

This Sexuary we were interrupted by a breast cancer scare, a biopsy, a parent that got real ill, still with a teenager in the house (can you read drama?), a new job, an older job that has some issues, Jackie hurting herself at work, on top of every day life.  And no things didn't always go as planned for us.  For those who don't know we actually make a calendar of events for every day of Sexuary, it takes the pressure of coming up with things on the fly to make it great.  And so there were days the events got canceled.  There were days we modified events.  There were made up days that we didn't count on.  But what I'm saying is that we live normal lives.  Shit gets in the way.  We could of easily made up 28 days of excuses to NOT have Sexuary this year and no one would of blamed us.  We didn't.  We had early morning sex at times to avoid the day.  We had tired sex at time when we could of gone to sleep.  We made out regardless of what shit the world was throwing at us that day.  We made the effort, and honestly this was one of the best Sexuaries we've ever had.  We're not porn starts that live this life and it's our job, we're normal people that enjoy the closeness sex can bring a couple of people when you go the extra mile for each other.

I'm sure we'll be posting off and on throughout the year.  Little things we do or find out between now and next Sexuary.  We generally schedule a mini Sexuary sometime during the year too.  But for the most part, Sexuary 2017 is wrapped up and that means this blog will be dormant for a bit.  You can always comment on one of our post if you like, ask us questions or email us.  We're pretty open about anything sexual we've tried.


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