Friday, February 3, 2017

Sexuary 2017 - Sensations

Ok, so I know we have talked about sensations in the bedroom before, but that's how we kicked off Sexuary 2017, with Jackie tied to the bed, blindfolded and me adding different sensations to her body.  It's amazing how different textures, different elements and some very simple things can make a difference.

So let me start at the beginning.  We've had Japanese ropes for years (I think we got our first one at Spencers).  If you don't have a pair I highly recommend them.  They are cheap, comfortable and easy to use.  Before that I used my neckties to  tie Jackie up with.  This year I added a couple of d-links to the back of our headboard so I could just snap the rope in and it would hold.  I use to tie a rope to the bedframe and then our Japanese rope to that.  So not much excuse to not do something if you'd like to try other than some prep work.

Second, if you don't have a blindfold GET ONE!  They are cheap.  You can get them on Amazon for $5, or delivered in 2 days for $8.  There is a sensation when you don't know what's coming next that is exciting.  Every house should have a blindfold or 10.  We have several.

So then I've had to collect things that feel different on Jackie.  I picked up a piece of material a couple of years ago for Sexuary that she loves.  It's soft.  Very soft.  And when I drag it across her body it feels good.  So I got a piece that I can use to cover her and slooooooowwwwwwwlllllyyyyyyy drag off of her.  Her nipples will get hard doing this.  I love it.

A bottle of corn starch is then opened and I lightly drop it over her in places I'm going to rub.  First you get the sensations of the mini explosions as I drop it on her.  The she gets the silky smooth sensations as I rub on her body.
A few drops of warming liquid on each nipple will make her jump just a bit as each unannounced drop finds its way down and starts to spread.  Oh but then I get to rub it in better, suck on it, blow on it, each causing it's own sensation for Jackie to endure.

Over the years we've used candles, I'd recommend a soy candle here, ice, warming up your dildos in a bucket of hot water, feather boas, tracer wheels, massage oils, and more for different sensations.  It takes some work, you have to look around and see and think, 'hmmmm I wonder how that would work' and come up with a few different sensations, but they are out there and you don't have to spend a fortune at the adult toy store to do it. Not that we have anything against adult toy stores, we LOVE them, but you don't always have to go there for your sexual party favors when they are all around us.

So go do something unexpected for your significant other TODAY!  Surprise them with something new.


I know what your thinking....Corn Starch? Really?  I don't know why or how Dane found this but its like powder but its not, its smooth and feels great...I am always surprised when he tells me he used the Corn starch.  Oh that piece of material...just thinking about that makes me shutter...its incredible.

Sometimes its not the what is being used, its the not knowing what will be used and the sensations that is brought on with just touch.  He loves to see me cream and squirt but it doesn't always show in an outward way but sometimes its very intense inside my body like the endorphins release and body tenses and it explodes all in my head, all inside...not much outside to leave the mess...but it happens...And let me tell you it  was pretty intense  

Try something new with your partner!  Its worth it...


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