Monday, February 6, 2017

Sexuary 2017 - Positions

Ok, so we've been married 10 years now, and over those years we've gotten into a bit of a position rut. You know, those positions we know will get us off and get done.  They don't take a lot of thinking and it's just where we go to most of the time.  Now not to say there aren't a couple of them, but it seems we don't really add to them much either. So in our sex calendar this year we added a couple of days that specify positions that are not in our normal bag of tricks to get us out of that rut.

Last night was one of those nights for us.  We went wild and tried something different.

I don't think it is because we don't want to try new positions.  We definitely are open minded when it comes to different sexual kinks as a rule, but positions ....hmmmm... not so much. I loved last night. Are we unique in this? Or does everyone swing from the ceilings and bend over in 42 different positions?  I'm sure our weight loss has had a lot to do with our not flipping over 100 different ways, but now we can. 

So one of the take aways we'll have from this Sexuary is that we need to try different positions more often.  Who knows, maybe we'll come up with a new list of positions to rut in.


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