Friday, February 3, 2017

Sexuary 2017 - Touching

So I think all of us get to the point after that honeymoon phase that we forget there is more to romance than that time we lay down in bed and make out.  Oh there we're good at touching the right parts and doing everything we can to get to where we want to go but we forget that the best foreplay starts when we get up in the morning and runs all day.  When we were first dating we knew that.  Kissing was hot.  The sex was hotter.  But all day long we touched and teased and do something that would lead up to our significant other being ready and more than willing to participate in our night time ritual.

Jackie and I are working on that this year.  Now we've been married 10, going on 11 years.  We've had 4 teenager boys in the house (hers and mine), that have more than interfered with our desires to run around like banshees, naked and uninhibited sexually.  So what happens? Well we slack off.  We do what we HAVE to so that we can get some results in the bedroom, but we don't really work at it.  For us, Sexuary 2017 has become about remembering that and acting upon it.  Oh I promise there will be good sex, and LOTS of it, but part of the reason for it will be that we've started out with remembering to do more than hop in bed and roll around in the sheets.  

For example yesterday, day 2 of Sexuary, we started out in the shower together.  Now part of that is great because we've both been through a transformation this year in our weight.  Over 100 lbs have been shed between the two of us, and while in the shower we get to put our hands all over each other.  What a nice start to the morning.  

At night  After work I cleared off the sofa.  I just did it, didn't say anything, I just cleared it off.  Then I sent a couple of provocative 'pssssst' messages to Jackie and invited her to come join me on our couch (normally we both sit on our own lazy-boy) and I would massage her feet and legs as we watched TV together.  For about 40 minutes she received a massage with no expectations, no payments, no one getting off later, but she got my attention and a nice massage.  

But it didn't stop there, she did thank me for the nice foot massage, and I replied with, "thanks for letting me feel you up. hehehe".  Ok, so I wanted her to know I LIKE having my hands on her bare, naked skin.  I love touching her as much as she loves being touched.  We just haven't made the time and efforts like we used to.  Geez, I had to clean off the couch, which guys some wives would consider just as romantic as the foot massage...just saying, and then massage her feet and legs...and hour of my time and efforts, for what?  So that she KNOWS I'm thinking about her even when there is no sex involved. Now that can get sexy quickly. 

She on the other hand sent me this little quip the other day.

Ok, it's no secret if you've read my blog I LOVE my butt touched all she wants.  It was exciting for me when she sent that.  Why? Because I know she had to be thinking of me when she saw it and sent it to me. No sex.  No toe curling sex.  Just a bit of a tease during the day.  It could of easily passed right past her and be gone, but she took the time to send it and then send me a text with it.  So I was thinking about my butt being touched by this wonderful wife of mine for the next hour or so.  That's hot!

So here we are Sexuary 3rd now, do something special today for your significant other. Nothing expected in return. Your gratification comes in knowing you did something special for them. Touch, rub, feel, listen, not say that thing you were going to,....something....we can do this! And in the end, when you practice the all day foreplay.....well let's just say you never know where it could lead too.


Jackie here...Dane is has been so busy for us in the last 2 jobs...loss of moving grandbaby...its just been crazy...We have forgotten those beginning times when he or I would text each other and it would send chills.  When he first started the calendar I just didn't get it.  Confusion I guess would be the right word, but after talking about it, it made sense although I did screw up the first day but hey we are back on the band

Ladies, have you thought back on what made you fall in love with your significate other?  What made you want him/her?  What was it?  Some of us have been together a long time and its hard to remember.  Trust me its there, way back in the filing cabinet of our brain...Look back in that box, see it...touch it....bring it forward....lets leave it forward for the month...and remember the kink...or the over and above the norm.... #sexuary #touchie #feelyourpartnersbutt #toucheachother


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