Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sexuary 2017 - Dice Game

As part of our sexual fun we have 2 sets of dice with different body parts and different things to do to those body parts.  Lick, Tease, Kiss, Suck, Blow, and Players Choice are all on these dice, with Ear, Toes, Nipples, Neck, Privates, and Bum on the body parts die.  Now the rules we played by today was the person who was up rolled the dice and the other person decided which combination of dice they wanted to be used on them.  We also used a regular die to decide how many minutes we'd do it for.

First I think we'd put the body parts we want on the dice.  If you're more into the S&M scene some of these were more appropriate, but for just general play some of them are not.

Second, take the other dice (the actions ones) and put things down you want to do or have done to you.  Now if you really want to make is interesting add a wildcard (these had a "?" on them) or add at least 1 thing you always wanted to try, but are just a bit skittish you're leaving it up to lady luck as to whether or not you try something new. I REALLY encourage this part. 

In case you haven't figured it out yet you can take any 2 dice and put your own things on them.  Actually we really liked the idea of having a choice, so 2 sets of dice, 2 for body parts and 2 for action items.  A sharpie can fix them up, sticky labels can fix them up, you can write a paper with what 1 - 6 stand for each roll.  But there's no reason you can't do this yourself.  

If you're just one that doesn't want to do it yourself, a quick search online for sex dice game shows several sets of them for $5-$10 a set.  Actually found 3 different sets on for less than 2 dollars a set. 
Third,  I would add 4 minutes to whatever was rolled if you use 1 die, so you have a minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 10.  Now you can play with 2 dice, or even 3 if you wanted to extend the rounds.   We played 3 rounds before we 'finished' up the morning, but you can do any number of rounds or roll dice to decide the number of rounds.  

One last thing, I put my dice in a baggie with our lube and the lube wiped out most everything it touched.  Not sure what was in the lube, but it didn't like the writing on the dice.  So store them separately.  

In our goal for more teasing, more touching, more intimacy this game played right into our needs.  Hope it helps you and your significant other. 


Jane here...while I will agree with Dane on most of the things above, I personally don't think you should add the 4 minutes to the time on the die if only using one.  The whole idea is to tease, touch and just take what you roll and go for it.  It can be a pretty intense 1 minute!  We have had these dice in our drawer for a year or more and never got "around to it" .. I would definitely get a set try it, work it to your likes, change things up, let it spice up your sexual life. 
It was pretty hot for us today, is all I can say..

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