Friday, February 7, 2014


So this Sexuary Jackie and I have talked about a few things.  Because of family health issues Jackie will only be around about 1/2 the month, so Sexuary 2014 will not be repeated, and no 28 days of kink that Sexuary 2013 was.  So we've struggled a bit with what to do.  The theme from is "me" which has been a bit more appropriate than expected with Jackie being gone taking care of her mom.

But we have talked, and in our discussions Jackie wanted more 'touch' days.  Last year we did a scene where I blindfolded Jackie and then used her sense of touch to create a very erotic scene (read here).  It was a very good scene for us and one we've repeated with variations several times over the year.  That sense of touch is very powerful, especially when it's unexpected. 

So one of the things Jackie and I will be working on this month is touching.  Different places..... different textures...... different temperatures....... different positions while touching ...all working on the sensation that just allows you to feel. 

For the first day of Sexuary I happened to be up with her.  The kids were gone so I made the trip and got us a hotel room.  When coming out of the shower I noticed the bottle of lotion.  I snagged it and brought it to the bed without her noticing it.  So when we started playing I used it to give her a mini massage.  When I went to enter her I went a way I rarely go and it gave a different feeling for both of us.  By the spot in the bed and the muffled screams from Jackie I'd say it was a success. 

Oh I have plans for several other days of touching this month.  Pieces of soft material, ice, candles, clothes pins, maybe even a paddle or two.  All very different sensations, all very happy results when it comes to our bedroom.  But most take a few minutes of planning to pull them off.  I know Jackie deserves that from me, doesn't your partner deserve that from you?

Hope Sexuary is going well for you!  Do something different.  Do something out of your box.  Do something that will surprise the hell out of your partner and make a memory.


PS - for me, I've purchased a few toys that I can't wait for Jackie to use on me. Oh my shuddering just thinking about them. 

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