Monday, March 10, 2014

Using Imagination

So there are something that I like the idea of but know will never happen.  I love the idea of tattoos, but don't see it happening on me.  Now Jackie has several, so it's not an anti-tattoo thing, it's a personal thing.  I would love to see some intimate piercings for Jackie, but don't really see that happening (though it could).  The idea of a dog involved in our sexcapeds intrigues both Jackie and I.  But I never see us getting to that point.  Those are just a few examples of things we've pillow talked about but haven't and probably won't act upon them.  But that doesn't mean we ignore them. 

One of the things we've learned is that our imagination is the best aphrodisiac there is.  We can pretend to do things and sometime improvise so that we have the sensations of without actually 'going there' and yet our minds will let us pretend it's so.

For example, there are dildos that will 'blow up' inside of you that will act like a dogs knot.  Non piercing nipple rings allow Jackie to go out on the town with dangling jewelry on her nipples.    Fake tattoos allow me to be a 'bad boy' for the evening.  Most of these things take planning on your part to make them happen.  But when you've not done your homework there is still the power of suggestion. 

With eyes closed and your partner 'walking your through' something you can feel those sensations just as if they were happening.  Allow your imagination run wild and you get the sexual satisfaction from the talking your partner is doing. 

And if you're alone, then you can be with anyone or anything if you'll allow your mind to open up and accept it.  Maybe you're tapping your ass with a finger as you feel someone take you there.  Maybe your wet hands are that blow job from the girl next door....just let your imagination run wild. 


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