Monday, February 16, 2015

Sexuary 2015 - TENS / Electricity

So it's Sexuary and you want to go outside the box a bit.  How about using that TENS unit?  We first discussed it in Sexuary 2013 in an article here, and again when I purchased our first attachment here.  Some of it went very well, some not so well for us.

But what is electricity play?  It's just that, using electricity to help with or cause orgasms or just feeling good sensations.  A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit is a medical unit used to help patients with muscle issues in their back, arms and legs (I'm sure almost any place).  TENS machines works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands. The stimulating pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.Tens devices also help stimulate your body to produce higher levels of its own natural "Endorphins".  If you put those pulses in just the right places, well what you could get is an orgasm.

The electricity will flow from 1 pad to the other, so you want everything in direct line of where those spots you want stimulated are.  Common electrode placement for penises is on the underside of the shaft, with one pad near the head of the penis and one at the base. Alternatively, for testicular enjoyment, place one pad on the top of the scrotum and the other on the bottom. For vaginas, a pad on either side of the clit or opposite sides of the vaginal opening can feel wonderful. A pad on each side of the anus is also an option. Keep in mind, the jelly-like pad adhesive is very sticky and works best on smooth skin. It’s best to shave first if you’re working with a very hairy area.

You can also find attachments for your TENS units like the Penis straps or anal plugs and if you look you'll find more. The one caveat I'll give on these is to use LOTS of medical gel.  It's cheap and worth every drop you put on the unit.  Otherwise you'll feel sparking instead of a nice current.  Nothing like having a your penis strapped down and sparks biting into it.  Read the directions!!! I didn't at first and was very disappointed at the outcome.

Now there are other devices that use electricity The Violet Wand is probably the most famous.  It's not cheap (about $200), but do you really want the cheapest model when you're talking about sending electricity through your body?  This wand is made to run over yourself or someone and kind of acts like a plasma ball we had growing up, except you are the other side of the electricity with no glass in between.  I've never experienced them first hand but have spoken with people who have and everyone loves these jewels.  

So first question, does it hurt?  The only time I've ever had a painful experience is when I used an attachment with no gel.  Otherwise I could crank up the medical unit full blast (slowly of course) and had a great sensation.  When we use them on Jackie she'll need a breather from her orgasms.  They are intense and continuous until she turns off the unit once they start.  Take it slow, and gradually increase your power till you find that sweet spot.

Will you always orgasm?  While Jackie has always been able to orgasm I've never been able to cum with the TENS unit.  I have however had great sensations that have almost brought me there.  I'm still working on placement, but I still recommend trying it.

Can you use a TENS during sex?  Both of you might be wearing 1 set of pads, or just the act of each of you having a set of pads while having sex will cause extra stimulation and will mimic suckling on your clit, testicles, or anus during intercourse can take your lovemaking to new heights.

So if you have that TENS unit in the closet from a bad back, then break it out and try it for other purposes.  If you are thinking about some sort of electrical play, then Jackie and I recommend going for it!!!  One of the great things about TENS units is they are just as good for single play as for with a partner.  So whether Sexuary is about "ME" time or "US" time it's a great way to go.

Got some other scoop on electric play that makes you go over the top?  Share it here for everyone to learn.  Recommendation on a specific type of electric toy?  Or just what you've found works or doesn't work please share so others can learn!.

Hope your Sexuary 2015 is going well!!!


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