Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sexuary 2015 - Vibrators

So I remember sitting on my grandmothers sofa and pulling a red box out of the basket she kept with her crap in it.  When I opened up the box there was a white hard plastic vibrator that took 2 D-cell batteries and had a twist control on the bottom, in it.  Grandma would pull it out sometimes and rub it over her shoulder when she was tense.  In later years I did my best not to think where else that vibrator might have gone.  My mom had the very same vibrator in her top dresser drawer next to the Vaseline bottle. Todays toys are not your mamas toys.  They are made from several different materials, that have every shape and size imaginable, and some have some very specific purposes that grandma and mom never had the opportunities to enjoy.  Add to the fact that now we no longer have to go into a very seedy looking place to purchase one, the current sexually active adult has a new world in front of them when it comes to vibrators, dildos, and other devices for sexual enhancement.

Except for color exactly like grandmas and my moms

So as Sexuary 2015 officially gets underway, we’re going to be talking about these great toys.  We’re going to talk about what’s out there. It will be up to you to take that information and ask yourself how is it going to make Sexuary even better than normal?  Last year was about “Me”…seems maybe this group would of applied well back then too, but this is 2015 and sex toys aren’t just for the loaner who is playing with themselves. 

 I’ve been a huge lover of sex toys for a long time. With my first wife I would go into those seedy places and bring home a toy for her.  When I started dating Jackie we would go to the Megaplexxx and pick out a new toy to take back and try it out.  Our first one was a Beyond 2000.  It was like a rabbit, but much stronger.  The head went round and round, the center section had some rotating balls and there was a clit massager all in 1 package.  Jackie was devastated when the cover started to come apart.  But it was the start of our collection together. 

Jackie's Vibrator Collection
So since we started with a vibrator I thought we’d talk about vibrators to start with.  I generally break them down into a couple of categories – Grandmas old plastic one, the rabbit style, the plug in ones,  eggs and bullets.    Honestly we’ll probably have to do 2 parts on this, but we wanted to get started.

So let's face it, even in our high tech collection of vibrators, we have an old fashion, glow in the dark plastic vibrator.  It was Jackie's very first vibrator ever.  Honestly it's very easy to clean and you keep the batteries up to date and fresh and it runs 3/4s of forever.  But they're ridged and not flexible. So vendors added a cover on them and bingo you've got a softer version of the same vibrator (note the purple and blue ones above). The new softer ones need a bit more to keep them clean, there are crevasse you have to watch for, and I've even seen if the vibrator was left on to long that some of the rubber will melt, or be so soft that when you set them down you'll get a flat spot on them.  But I have to admit they are pretty simple to use, and even in the heat of the moment a simple twist of the bottom and you're on or off.

Sex in the City - Habit Rabbit
So then comes along Sex in the City and brings a new line of vibrators hit the drawers of women across the nation.  These high tech devices get the woman inside and out all in one swift move.

Most of these dual devices have multiple switches and controls, and there are times you need 4 hands to operate them to their full potential.   The Beyond 2000 that I purchased Jackie as our first toy together gave us hours and hours of fun. 

So let's look at these vibrators and their parts.  Most of these heads will spin or rotate, and the center section, the beads in the middle of the rabbit on the right, often time spin, and the clit vibrator is suppose to hit help achieve that orgasm that can't be achieve vaginally.  Here are a couple of things that Jackie and I have learned when checking these out.  First a lot of the cheaper ones, not necessarily less expensive, the shaft and the center sections will quit spinning with just a little bit of pressure put on them.  What does that mean?  It means that as soon as they are inserted in or any level of pressure vaginally and well, the toy becomes nothing more than a dildo.  So when you're checking them out wrap your hand around them and squeeze just a bit, if they quit spinning go on to the next one.  Second is the clit vibrator portion.  Some of these are oddly angled and even on high they barely have enough vibration to do much good.

When these first came out woman had to save a lot of grocery money to get one.  $120 - $200 was pretty normal.  Now a days you can find them starting in the $30 range and heading up from there, but anyone can afford one.  And don't think just because the price tag is huge the most important parts of the vibrator is any better, check them out when at all possible. You will find that different materials and sometimes unique designs will be a little expensive. You'll note the red one in Jackie's collection has a some different material and was a bit pricier. If you're buying online see what the return policy is if you get it and it's a total dud.

We'll end right here for today.  You have a favorite vibrator?  Share it here.  We'll be covering the eggs, bullets and fun variations along with care of your vibrator in our next  post.

So break out your vibrator and let's get Sexuary started with a ....well an orgasm of course.

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