Sunday, June 1, 2014

10000 Views and Review of OurSexuary Blog

Well today was a benchmark day for our blog.  While this blog was never about the number of views we got, it's pretty cool when something you are doing is being enjoyed by so many.  Today we hit over 10,000 visitors.  Thanks for everyone who reads our blog and especially those who have subscribed to it.  We've tried to make it an honest and open discussion on our sexual encounters, especially those things that might fall well into the kink zone by 'normal' standards. 

So what have we seen? 

First of all the anal post are a hit.  Combined the Anal Fisting post on November 14, 2013 is the most popular, with Anal, Fisting, Toys (Day 3) and Anal, Dildos, Fisting all in the top 5 most viewed blogs.  Guess my ass getting reamed and how we've accomplished it was more interesting than I thought it would be. Since then we've gone bigger and I can honestly say a fist is by no means the biggest things Jackie has put in my ass.  

The Dildo on the far left is Jackies strap-on, almost as big as the fist dildo.  The second one that's a monster. This Deep Dickin Derek 12 Inch Dildo has a head stretches my ass more than any other thing ever has.  Over 3" across and over 2 lbs of 'cock' feels amazing as Jackie abuses my poor ass.  The black Doc Johnson Anal Plug is also 3" across at the base and is not going to just slip out of any ass.   The rest...well those are either warm ups or just for funs. Though I have to say Jackie has gotten pretty damn good using that paddle on me. She can make my ass sting all day with her swats.  Hurts so good!!!  (for reference the toys are laying on a full size ironing board).

So what else are people interested in?  Swingers Club / Couple Swap is also in the top 5.  It was a less than stellar night for us in our first couple / couple swap.  But it was an honest accounting of the nights events and the emotions that we went through that night.

Last on the top 5?  The Calendar and Fetish List, it was basically what started the blog.  Our 28 days of kinky sexperiment for Sexuary was a challenge to select.  The list of kinks was almost overwhelming, and then to narrow it down to 28 different things to try?  It was daunting.  But we did it and Sexuary was on!!! Not our first Sexuary, but definitely our most challenging.  If you want to know about different kinks this list is as complete a list of kinks as I've ever seen.  We combined several list to cum (pun intended here) with one big kinky list.

So keep sharing our links, giving us feedback, asking questions.  We'll be honest about anything we've tried sexual, and without a doubt we've done a heck of a lot more than most...for good and bad. We've learned not to judge for someones kink, though not all kinks are for us.  But even the ones not for us doesn't mean we can't appreciate them, or understand most of them (though some are a bit beyond our understanding).

Thanks for the 10,000 visits!!!


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