Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My take on the month of Sexuary

I was gone at the end of the month so I could not put my two cents in on the month of Sexuary.  Boy what a month! I say that as I wipe the sweat off my brow and the cum from my pussy. LOL It was a crazy, fun, filled, eye opening of a month.

Dane and I had been planning this for months.  I think he sent me the first list in November, where I had a hard time even looking at the dang thing.  It had a lot, and I mean A LOT of things that were on my hard limits area.  I was asked to begin to mark off what I knew there was no way I could do it.  I will admit, I crossed off the whole list....So I put it away.  He tried hard to get me to talk about it, I would just shut down, There was NO talking about it.  Fast forward to January, I had been praying the prayer "Let me be willing to be willing" so I reopened the list and began to go through it again. The second time still had a bunch crossed off, and so I did it again.  I finally narrowed it down.  I sent it on to him to make the calender. 

Now February starts, we start the month and it starts great.  Sure we have some that don't I don't mind at all, some I have no clue about, and some that I know are my hard limits! 

This month was about discovery, to find a way to spice up our lives, in all ways.  To find new ways to get excited and to please each other and ourselves. 

That is EXACTLY what this month did.  I found some things that were very exciting, things I want to do over and over and over again! I have found somethings that I thought were at my hard limits that low and behold I really want to do again, and I have found stuff that I did not know were a hard limit to be a limit.  

All in All this month was exactly what we needed and what we wanted.  We wanted to spice it up, and we were going for an all time record! We had never gone more than 6 days, ever! And we made it 28 days! 28 days...wow...I know some don't understand or some that think we are crazy trying to beat someone Else's record, but dang it they had 31 but we were really really close...and we surprised our self with the breaking of our own records! And you know what....I really loved this Sexuary, it was not mundane, it was not a month that I did begrudgingly, its a month I knew what was going to happen and when and tried to have an opened mind about it all. 

I cant wait until June, when I am going to get my nipples pierced because of what I learned this month. I have learned I really like to be in charge without being the "master" and I love spanking Dane until his ass is nice and red...I have learned a lot about myself and about Dane.  That is what this month was to be about.

What did you learn with your spouse this month? Are you willing to go outside the norm, or your box? Did you find some limits have changed? Did you talk about this...that..or other things....Did you get your goal met? I would love to hear from you! 


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