Friday, May 17, 2013

Pat your Belly and Rub Your Stomach

So it's been a bit since we've written.  All truth be told between activities, illness, and the likes life has gotten right in the middle of our sex life! Dammit, I hate it when that happens.   But through it all we've been talking and seem to be back on much on course that we've decided that the 2 weeks before the kids get off of school we're going to have a mini-Sexuary.  That's right Monday - Friday for the next 2 weeks we're going to go back and fill in some of the squares that we missed the first time around and revisit some of the days that were....well exciting as hell!  So look for our blog to be updated for the next 2 weeks as we try some new things.  

But before we get on, I wanted to share a bit of a chuckle Jackie and I had yesterday.  We'd had one of those great sessions where it was kinda normal, but I tried something a bit different that worked.  Kind of a 69 position, but instead of on top of Jackie, i was kneeling next to her licking her clit from the top down REAL, REAL, I mean REAL slowly, while she was stroking my cock REAL REAL I mean REAL fast.  Now I have to tell you several times I had to be very conscience about keeping slow.  It was like when you pat your belly and rub your head, you want to go the same, and I wanted to devour her clit at 90 mph like she was jacking me off at 90 mph.  But the rewards I was getting by keeping slow...oh yeah, Jackie is a squirter when you get her in the right place....was just to good to pass up.  So I did the near impossible, while enjoying her actions on my cock, I somehow keep enough blood to my other head to keep my tongue going slow from the top of her clit downwards...slow...oh oh oh..slow...come on Dane, you can do this...damn that feels good down there...slow....

Whew...needless to say we both wound up with our pretend cigarettes puffing away in our post sex relaxation.  Satisfied, and another new trick to add to the bag of 'oh yeah, we'll try that one again!'


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