Monday, March 4, 2013


So during Sexuary we had purchased some speculums to play with.  Let's face it there are several good things about this.  One I get to see what I get to play with all the time.  I knew what I expected but I'd never really looked in there to see what's there.  I don't care what your sex-ed classes were it's not the same as looking there.

Second you could always play doctor and be a GYN if you're into role playing.

So we had these speculums for me to play with.  We have both vaginal and anal speculums.  I didn't know there was a difference, but there is a huge difference.  We decided today was going to be the day we played with the vaginal speculum.

Lots of lube, and then I slipped it in and opened it up, tightening up the screw to hold it open.  I moved it about some till I got the view I wanted and was able to reach in from the side and see what I normally only feel, and generally with my penis.

Now Jackie is the only woman I've ever been with that can squeeze so tight and push from inside out to push anything in there when she's having an orgasm.  I mean penis, vibrator, it doesn't matter and I wanted to see how that all worked.  So I got the speculum so I could see what was going on inside.  It was pretty remarkable and very clear to see.  I now see why doctors use them.  So then Jackie suggested she use her favorite vibrator so I could actually watch her have an orgasm.  What a great idea!!!  Almost immediately I watched her inside move and engorge. Oh my this was pretty hot.  She came and squirted and I got to watch the whole show from the inside out.

Then as long as we're stretched and open we continued out fisting exercise.  My knuckles actually slipped in, and it was more a question of depth then it was of girth, but with just a bit to go it was to much for Jackie and we stopped.  We were a good 2 inches further in then we were last time we tried, and so freaking close!!!

We talked about it afterwards.  I think I'm going to have to curl my fingers as my knuckles clear to make it a shallower fisting.  We'll see next time.  But I know sooner or later we'll get that fist inside of her.

In the mean time another fetish scratched off our list.

Dane be honest this really bothered me. I knew it was something he wanted to do.  I know how I feel when I have to go for a well woman check up, its not very comfortable, and certainly not "a turn on" but again last month was about fetishes and trying things outside the normal box.  So we ordered them.  I laid down and let him take a look..  I tried to relax so he could look how he wanted.  I knew he wondered what was happening when we were making love and what all he was feeling, so I decided to suggest to get out a toy and he could watch how my pussy reacts during an orgasm.  It was not a big turn on for me.  I know he liked what he saw and it really turned him on.  

We then continued to have him fist me.  WE have been slowly working on this.  This is our 3rd attempt and we are making progress.  Its taking a while, I tell him that it takes HOURS to birth a baby, so its hard to put something in there that is a big as a baby's head! We made it about 2 inches more than the last time, and really his knuckles were in, but just couldn't past there.  

I hope this day was a great Birthday present for Dane. That's is why I was willing  to go the "extra" mile today. All in all its a great day, lots of excitement and new knowledge.  


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