Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Flogging

This is not a new subject for us. Flogging is something Jackie and I have enjoyed it for a couple of years.  Last year we blogged here about flogging.  Since then we've added several more floggers to our arsenal and have continued to enjoy them. 

Normally pain is not the point of our flogging, but when paincentric is the plan for the month, well you flog a bit harder.  Now we did some sensation work prior to flogging, and when I started I warmed Jackie up with 100 or so lashes as a low level.  Afterwards I started adding a bit more swing to it, until we were at a good swing and the lashes were leaving red marks down Jackies back and ass.  She was moaning and groaning with each stroke, and when she got to a point let me know she was at 'yellow'.  I didn't stop, but I was much more particular about my strokes.

When we were done I had to lay Jackie down on the massage table.  Her eyes were rolled and she was shaking.  After some water and chocolate and about 30 minutes she was back to reality.  I put lotion on her back and while she felt the effects of for the rest of the night, in the morning she was fine and no marks were left.

Now in the meantime there was literally a puddle of cum under Jackie where she had orgasmed.She's came over and over again while we were flogging.  The pain turned to pure pleasure. The fine line between pleasure and pain and pain as pleasure is remarkable.  The endorphins created on either one are the same endorphins and Jackies' experienced it yesterday while I flogged her. 

On a side note, we have a friend we introduced to flogging.  When she first started she was scared and was very hesitant.  Once she experienced it, by someone who knew her and cared, and wasn't just an asshole trying to beat her, she realized how extremely exciting it can be. She LOVES flogging now.  You MUST trust the flogger (DOM) to know you and know your limits. You must not play with a wanna-be DOM who just wants to beat someone.  It's imperative that you protect yourself with knowledge so you don't get hurt. But don't be afraid of flogging, it's a great tool in reaching new heights.

Again, we don't get any money from them, but has always treated us fantastic and has a great product for a great price.


Flogging....what can I say I love flogging. There is no way to describe the feeling that happens as your body crosses over the pain/pleasure threshold. I could feel my eyes roll back in my head, my breathing changing as I slipped into sub space.  Due to going back and forth into subspace, I can only tell you that I really enjoyed this flogging session, yes it was much harder than we have ever done but the feeling of release I had and have had thru all of this is more than I can describe. 

 I remember a big puddle under me when Dane had to lead me back to the table to rest.  I know I drank so water, some chocolate to help with my lightheaded head rush. Then I remember going to sleep for about an hour. 

I was able to get into subspace because I totally trust Dane.  He is my dom and knows exactly how much to push me and what to do for aftercare.

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