Thursday, November 19, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Choking / Erotic Asphyxiation


We know it's not Sexuary, but that doesn't deter our desire to keep learning. During our planning of Sexuary 2020, one of the things I had come up with was choking aka Erotic Asphyxiation or EA for short.  Remember 2020 was the year that Jackie didn't know what was coming before it happened.  We just did it.  But the day that choking was on the calendar I decided I needed to talk to her first.  This isn't your ordinary kink, there are even more potential hazards then normal involved.  So I decided to let her know and see what she thought.  Her response was to pass on it that night, but to keep it around and let's try it another day.  

 Well we have since tried it a couple of times.  We have never gotten to the point that Jackie has passed out, but we have definitely constricted air flow and also blood flow.  She will go into a hyper sensitive mode, and while she won't fight me on it, she will fight herself.  "How can something I know is so wrong feel so good?" is her comment.  It will send her entire body on red alert and my touch will send her over the edge time and time again. 

Now as always I did lots of research, after all I didn't want to hurt Jackie permanently. Websites like Healthline and  askmen were where I started.  I also recommend watching the safety video at sexplations or watts the safe word.  I watched several others, but this will get you the general Idea.  Education is key here as you literally have the life of someone in your hand.

Now our play is more cutting blood flow to the brain with holding her arteries.  We have also restricted air flow by choking, but the after effects were a little longer lasting than we desired.  The blood flow to the brain restriction is just as good, and the rush when the flow resumes is powerful. Jackies orgasms during this play are extremely powerful and plentiful.  And while it's not something we'll use all the time, it is definitely in our bucket of tools to use when we want to take orgasms up a notch in the future. 


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