Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Sexuary 2022 - Dice - Day 27

 I know I don’t tell you thank you enough for all the little things you do …I know we swap off dishes and wash and all… but I notice and appreciate when I know you’ve done it.  - 143

This day was going to be jammed packed and both of us running errands in different cities and getting back latter in the evening.  While Jackie thought she'd be home about 7, I figured it would be closer to 8 or maybe even 9. That and the fact we had played all day the day before, and had a fairly good week, I didn't want anything over the top.  

So I explained to Jackie I had 2 dice.  One had a few words on it, suck, kiss, touch, blow, lick and a ?.  The other was just a regular die with 1 - 6 dots on it.  My idea was to roll both of them and the other person would tell us where they wanted that done on them. 

We got into bed and started and there was a bit of confusion on who did what after the roll, so we decided the person that rolled GOT what they rolled and the other person had to do that for the number of minutes rolled on the other die.  We also decided we'd do 5 rounds this time and we'd alternate who would start each basically you got 2 turns in a row before the other person would roll.

This simple little game wound up being a great time by both of us. I don't think either thought it would be as fun as it was. We both really tried to make the other feel as good as we could, and we both succeeded in doing just that!! Both of us picked things unexpected, which made it even better. This simple little game was fun and definitely something we'll do again. 

So this was something you could figure out with just regular dice, or a deck of cards, or anything.  Just nice and simple game to play.  


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