Monday, September 28, 2015

Food for Thought

Who hasn't brought out that can of whip cream and cherries for a hot erotic sex play?  Food play is one of the basic forms of getting out of the box and doing something different.  It's cheap, and if you look around you can find plenty of good stuff in the pantry.  I mean if whip cream isn't to your liking then maybe chocolate would be more up your alley. A few drizzles and then your job is to lick each and every erotic place on your partners body  until your tongue has caressed parts that it had forgotten even existed.

Now my favorite way to start this is to blind fold Jackie and to strap her down with our sheets so I'm in control here.  The sensations of putting food where I want it and then taking it off again will rev Jackie up before I ever get to her wetness.  We've used fruits and some vegetables, of course ice, the liquids are often whipped cream or chocolate syrup, but it could be any thicker liquid.

Now there was that 1 time I seriously covered Jackie.  I'll caution against that unless you're ready to make sure that mess is transferred between the two of you, and your sex will get beyond messy.  But a little bit goes a long ways, especially when it comes to the liquids.

You could run a fuzzy peach over her skin.  You could drag a grape between her moist lips and seductively eat it.  You could dip a cherry in the chocolate and then feed it to her from your teeth, fighting over the stems with your tongues.  You could help her practice her deepthroating with a banana, and then letting her see what that does to you.  These are just a few of the ways we use food in the bedroom to help spice things up.

So while all of these are great and all I wanted to add a new one to your list, corn starch.  Yeap, I said it, corn starch.  That big yellow square container that is always sitting up in the pantry.  When I used it on Jackie recently (blindfolded of course) she thought I was dribbling oils on her.  The 'explosion' of the corn starch  as it dropped on her skin felt like droplets splashing on her. As I spread it, caressing every inch of her body with my hands, it made Jackies skin feel extra silky.  Honestly I would think if you didn't have massage oils and needed something corn starch might save the night. Of course you'll need to take a shower when it's done.  Damn another advantage of corn starch. Because playing in the shower to make sure you get it all off....well that might just take some tongue action.

Do you have any foods that you've found extra fun in the bedroom?  SHARE, don't be greedy and hog it up to yourself, let us know so Jackie and I can try it out!


Jackie here...can I say this was an amazing was so surprising to hear Dane say it was corn starch.  It totally felt like oil being dripping one sensual drip at a time...Damn gets me excited just thinking about it.  

Dane and I have played with different food like he said above, but I would HIGHLY, did I mention HIGHLY being blindfolded and encourage your partner to use corn starch ...DAMN... He managed to keep it on my body but not my sweet spot... and it set my senses on fire... they went into overload... my whole body was tingling from head to toe, the fan blowing on my body was almost too much, his soft touch was erotic and would send me over the top...OH MY...

Tell us about your food experiences...good, bad, sweet or ugly...


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