Thursday, January 31, 2013

Janurary 31st - Day One

This will be a blog of Jackie and my (Dane) experience for the month of Sexuary. The Sexuary we're talking about is the one mentioned on  It's the 3rd year Jackie and I have participated in Sexuary.

The first year we choose to try have sex 1 week in a row.  Simple right?  Ha!!! We didn't make it.

Last year we shot for every other day.  We did a pretty good job, has a couple of 3 days in a row to make up for the couple we missed, but all in all it was a success.  Let me tell you, there has to be a LOT of communication in order to have sex every other day.

This year, oh this year, we've set some lofty goals.  Every day from 1/31 (today) and 2/27.  Jackie will be gone on 2/28, so we started a day early to make up for it.

This blog will be a daily journal of our adventure.  Every day we have a different 'fetish' planned.  We repeat some, but daily we've got something on the schedule.  What went well, what went wrong, and how we felt about it.

Today was shaving and tub sex.

We started out with Jackie waxing my chest and then I shaved her pussy.  She did a great job on my chest and did it in an incredible time (after we had some problems with the wrong container in the heater to start with).

Afterwards I put on a fresh blade and got out the coochie cream and shave her lovely pussy.  I love this part.  It's harder than I remembered (it's been a long while since I've done it to her, normally she just does it herself in the bath),  But I loved running my finger through her, all slick from the coochie cream and getting her all smooth.

She then went and took a bath.  After about 40 minutes I joined her in the bath tub.  While our tub is an older tub and very long, it was hard for us moving around with me behind her.  It was just to narrow.  Jackie stood up and I was able to eat her out some, but honestly it wasn't the best job I've ever done.

So Jackie got down on her knees and bent over and I came in from behind while the shower was raining down on us.  This was hot!!! It didn't take me to long to cum and fill her.

So while some of it was cumbersome, and not to pleasing, it all paid off to a good end.  And honestly I loved the sex in the shower part.

So Jackie will be writing when she feels like it.  It might be on the same day, it might be different days.  Just come back and read though as we venture through this month together.


My thoughts on day one....I love being able to wax Dane, he loves being waxed too.  Today I waxed his chest to get him ready for the month and the different things we have planned. Part of this day was also allowing Dane to shave me.  I know it totally turns him on when I let him do this, but its just really outside my box but hey its Sexuary so I said what the hell.  That doesn't mean I still didn't have my anxiety while he shaved me yesterday, because believe me I did!  Almost couldn't go through with it but I layed there breathing, deep controlled breaths and let him. I think it also helped that I knew I was going to be able to have a nice hot bath after we were done, and he knows thats a instant stress relief for me. 

Bath time started after my water was drawn.  We have an old tub and it takes a while to fill so I was able to just chill and relax.  There were all sorts of negative ideas going through my head after he shaved me. I went into my nice hot bath and got to read for about 40 minutes before we continued our planned day.  He tried to slip in behind, but the bath tub is pretty narrow( I already knew there was no way we could both be in it since I am an avid bath taker) but we is all about the trying of new things right? I then said lets just empty tub and move into the that's what we did, I stood up and started the shower...I lifted my leg so he could try to lick me..that really wasn't too successful either but we tried :) I turned around and got on my knees to have him take me from behind.  He loves it that way...I think the shower cascading down on us really really got him going good :) I did have to concentrate on enjoyment instead the fact my knees were killin me..

I have to admit though it wasn't the sex part that I liked the was after that I stayed on my knees and let him wash my hair with the water really cascading down on me...I enjoyed that more than anything yesterday....I am not saying I didn't enjoy everything else but there was something more sensual and close while letting him wash my hair....
My only complaint...My knees hurt and they hurt all day long but all in all it was a good day...We did enjoy ourselves and did get outside our box..


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